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Hi Lumpy,

That's great that you are able to walk everyday! Exercise is essential is helping the recovery process. I do aerobic walking and pilates for toning. When I do the aerobics, I feel like I am sweating out the toxins, so good for you! Keep all those body parts moving, very good for the lyme bacteria.

Your light-headedness and woozie feelings sounds like you also have ammonia in your body. It has been proven that when a person has lyme bacterias they also have ammonia, it goes hand in hand.

I take a product by Dr. Jernigan (which is safe to take with antibiotics) called Neuro-Antitox II Formula CNS/PNS which contains 2 Ammonia removers called Pale Spike Lobelia and Silphitrin. Really clears the head and prevents the liver from shutting down from all the toxins.


Yes, detox baths are designed to be taken with warm water, not hot. A person could faint from that hot water! You don't want to burn your bum! :D I think Takemylife said that the temperature of the water should be 98 degrees F, I don't know what that translates into "C".


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