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Hi Tinuviel:

I am glad to hear that you are hanging in there. I think if you are still on Ketek that it is a herx. I hit week 5 and started to herx big time. Like you said joint pains that I had never had before and dizziness, vertigo, nausea-all the stuff that I had in the beginning is back again. I know Ketek herxes are supposed to be long and hard. Interestingly, the joint pains are intense, and sometimes in joints that have never ached before, but they last 2-3 days on then move on to another joint- go figure?

I am so sorry that your Mom gave away something that was of sentimental value to you. That is so heartbreaking. My husband had a garage sale last spring and I told him I wanted nothing to do with it- I hate bartering with people over your things. I gave everything he was selling the go ahead only as people were coming and buying stuff he was going into the basement and picking out more things to bring up and sell. Well, he sold something of sentimental value to one of our neighbors -it was something that we had when our kids were babies. I saw her walking home with it and my heart sank. I made him go give her back her money back and get it back. I felt like a -itch and fortunately she understood, but I just had to do it or I would have been mad at him for ages.


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