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I've had lyme for almost 4 years. Wasn't diagnosed until about 1 1/2 yrs ago. Started with Rocephin IV, on this for about 5 months; went to new dr - very knowledgeable, but quite conservative - didn't like IV's. So, went to oral mix of Zith, Doxy, & Biaxin. Switched to Plaquinil & Tetracyclene - actually made some headway here - was feeling quite a bit better. However, my stomach had had it - was constantly nauseous - really bad. So, discontinued the Tet; just recently began Bicinnin LA shots. Having REALLY BAD herx's. On my 4th shot (in 4 weeks) and each time getting REALLY sick -worse than 'regular sick' (meaning the herx was worse than anytime of just being lyme-sick).

I'm wondering, anybody out there have good outcomes from Bicillin? Bad outcomes..whatever. Did you have a problem with Herx reactions? Was it worth it? (Kinda wondering why i'm not on an IV antibiotic (obviously chronic lyme at this point and am very sick (can't work, etc))).

Also, anyone have any experience with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)???

I'm just wondering, does anyone EVER, EVER get 100% better??????????????? It doesn't seem to be that way, from reading posts. It seems depressing (and i'm already depressed!!)

Just looking for feedback on Bicillin, HBOT, OR ANYTHING THAT HAS WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi bbrid and welcome.

Sorry you have to be here but glad you found us. It's great that you are seeing an LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) and that you are under treatment.

Thats too bad you had to stop the tetracycline.

Herx's can be bad and scary too. Try not to get down. Sometimes during Herx, you can feel worse than ever and new symptoms that you never had can creep up.

Have you told your doctor about your reactions? Do they feel its acceptable? Do they want you to try to muddle through them? Are you doing any detoxing?

I am on 600 mg Doxy per day. I also take 1500 mg Tindamax two weeks on / two weeks off. I also take a 1200 mg Bicillin shot every other day. I haven't noticed any difference but I will continue to take them - hey - you never know.

Some folks here have talked about trying hyperbaric oxygen chambers. I can't recall if they went through with it or not. Hopefully they'll share their experience.

As folks recover from Lyme, they tend not to post because they are out doing normal stuff while the rest of spend time on the PC. :)

There are folks here, who are 50% or 80% better. If you look, you'll see posts from them.

Lyme is curable. You will feel better someday.

Hang in there. Peace and health to you.

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