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Hi Duchess.

Sorry you're but glad you found this board. The folks here are great. Feel free to ask any question or just complain. We're great listeners.

Lyme affects us differently in physical ways, but we all experience the isolation, the depression, the cost, the fatigue, the feeling that we're not part of society anymore.

I got sick about 2 years ago.

I had an itchy, oval shaped rash on my right shin; none on my left. I thought it might be dry skin and I ignored it. Then my knees started to hurt and I thought, oh well, I must be getting olde and I ignored that too.

But then I lost my sense of balance, my face started to get numb, my vision got messed up and all sorts of other weird things.

I went to so many doctors and I too was scanned and probed and prodded. One doctor I saw me that I had dementia! :)

I was lucky enough to have a great LLMD not too far from me. I have been on treatment for 17 months and I just started feeling better.

The past year of doing nothing but sitting on my couch was horrid. I suffered every day. I look fine on the outside though, so its nearly impossible to get sympathy from family and friends.

My family avoids me now and most of my friends have disappeared.

On this board I have found new friends. The folks here understand exactly how I feel. They don't pass judgement on my messy house or if I don't shower every day.

Hang in there. I think its great that you have a doctor that is open minded. I hope you do use Igenex to test your blood for Lyme. You may also want to test for co-infections.

Peace and health to you.
Hi Duchess,

Welcome to the wonderful site! So sorry you are going through all these problems, you are not alone in this and I'm happy you found us.

As Ticker said, please get your blood tested by IgeneX Labs so perhaps you will have an idea what you are dealing with. Lyme is in every state not to mention every country. It is the 2nd fastest growing infectious disease in the U.S. after the AIDS Virus (I believe it's now #1).

I also lost the use of my legs for over a year though I used crutches when I needed to get out. I can't tell you the number of times I fell down, on cement, down the stairs laying in my basement on the cold cement for hours, hung onto walls, etc. It's a terrible feeling and I can relate to everything you said.

I don't even remember being bit by a tick, but I knew something was wrong when I got this itchy rash on my ankle (less than 50% of people even get any type of rash) and I started to feel flu-like symptoms and extremely fatigued.

I went from doctor to doctor for 5 years and they all denied I had Lyme Disease so it was really rough. I lost my job, my marriage broke up, yet I am on the road to recovery after choosing my own personal protocol.

Please don't worry about herxes, everyone is different and reacts differently to medication. When I was on Doxy and had my first herx, I broke out into a sweat, then chills, and I was actually happy because I knew my body was responding to the Doxy. Sadly, the Doxy didn't cure me so I went on to a different treatment regimen.

I now detox alot (detox baths) to help release toxins in my body, take lots of supplements to keep building up my immune system, I changed my diet, no sugars, no carbs, no soda, only filtered water. Not only do I have the use of my legs back, I am also able to exercise and do things that I couldn't do before.

Lyme is curable! I hope you get to see a LLMD. I did find one in Phoenix, AZ but I don't know anyone who has seen this doctor, but you may want to give him a try as his experience looks really good.

His name is: Dr. Warren M. Levin and he is a member of ***** and attends Lyme Conferences.

Most members have to travel long distances to see their doctor so I hope this doctor is close enough to you. If the office says they are not taking new patients, ask to be put on the waiting list as there are always cancellations.

Hope you feel better and let us know what you decide to do, okay?

Denise :)

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