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Dear CAdreamin and others,
In answer to my symptoms and treatments I have done:
I began my Lyme journey nearly 2 years ago this August beginning with the bulls eye rash. I also had severe joint pain, particularly in my knees and elbows. I had headache, brain fog, eye twitching, floaters and EXTREME fatigue as well as female problems. I would start my day planning when I could leave work and take a nap! I went to my regular md not knowing what this was after about 3 months and he did an Elisa which came back negative, but he did put me on 3 weeks doxy and that was that. The rash was still there. I went to a dermatologist who thought it was fungus but everything was negative and told me that the lyme rash wouldn't last that long so did not even test me for that. I said goodbye to him quickly. In March, 2005, I had my first appoint with Dr. Ryser. Massive testing was done because she believes that Lyme affects the whole body, and it does! Because my tests showed Lyme and co-infection Babesia as well as mono, pneumonia, urinary tract infection, high cholesterol (225), rampant yeast in my blood, menopause, and metabolic shutdown, as well as multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, my treatment began with an onslaught of abx and supplements as well as dietary changes. The first thing was to cut out all sugar and yeast. Using Splenda was acceptable. I was put on Mepron and Zithromax as my first abx for Babesia, Lipitor for cholesterol, Miralax as a daily laxative to clean me out, and Cipro to get rid of UTI. I began B-12 injections 3x week, took a variety of supplements to aid in building my system back up. They included Boluoke, Balanced Omega Combination, Mag-Chlor, Iodoral, and Pectosol. I also took 2 types of Transfer Factors, 4000 and 6000 which are now called EB and H6. These 2 items are made from colostrum and work much like mother's milk in that they help your body to remember and imprint germs etc. that it has fought off before or is fighting off now. Also, she prescribed a hormone compound which has been wonderful. The supplements I have taken during this whole time, but after 4 months, my Babesia abx changed to Ceftin because the Bowen showed the Babesia gone by that time. After 3 months of Ceftin, I was changed to Tindamax/Zithromax combo which I took for 2 months then started having some kind of reaction so switched to Doxycycline for a month. Because summer is coming and Doxy is hard to take if you are in the sun, I was switched to Clindamycin/Quinine combo, but trouble with Quinine led to switching to Clinda/Flagyl combo which is where I'm at now. The reason I believe I am nearly done with treatment is because my tests have continued to improve and at my last visit, she felt that by mid-summer I would be showing a negative Bowen as well, plus I continue to feel better all the time. I do still struggle with fatigue some days, but wonder if it's because I'm nearly 2 years older than I was when this started or what. The body takes a while to get back on track. I will also add that during my treatment, I did detox as well with Evening primrose, PhosCal, & OxBile Salts and something else I would have to look up and there were protocols for herxing by taking a One-Step supplement to hydrate as well as Benadryl. By the way, I still take the Evening primrose and PhosCal also.
All in all, yes, for someone like myself who never took anything more than Tylenol, this was a big step to take all these meds and supplements, but when you feel so horrible that all you want to do is sleep and make the pain go away and be able to just read and think like you used to and lead a normal life...well, it is worth it and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. I was lucky enough that I didn't have to do IV treatments, but if it would have been necessary, I would have. I would do anything to not have to ever do this again and I freak out if I even see a tick, let alone get one on me. It's hard on us and our families but I think if you follow your doctor's instructions as closely as you can, that will be your fastest road to recovery.
I hope this has given you some info that will help you. Good Luck!

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