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Hi Chris,

You are so very welcome as everyone here is just wonderful! We learn from each other, help each other out, feel everyone's pain, and support all.

As far as Dr. Phillips, he is a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) and some take insurance, many don't. You can call his office and ask.

He may want to retest you, that part I don't know. Many LLMD's not only use test results, but look at a person's symptoms to make a clinical diagnosis.

If you still have your medical paperwork from 6 years ago (I know I wouldn't!), that would be very helpful. As far as showing positives, that depends if your body is making antibodies to the lyme bacterias.

Of course Lyme is treatable after 6 years, some members here have had Lyme for over 20 years and are doing great now! I have/had Lyme for 10 years and I would say I'm about 90% better now.

As Sleeperwoken said, Lyme does affect a person's neurotransmitters causing them to feel depressed. I see a psychiatrist once a month and he sees many people with Lyme, he told me that the majority of antidepressants do more harm than good when a person is infected with Lyme because of all the imbalances in the brain.

He said I am lucky that the Paxil he subscribes to me works so well. I also suffer from panic disorder and post traumatic stress disorder (had that many years before I became infected with Lyme).

I live on Long Island and I am also amazed that it took 5 years to get a diagnosis in a state that is known for it's high tick population.

Let us know when you have an app't with Dr. Phillips, he is one of the best!


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