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Where to start. I have been a competitive athetle all my life until all this happened. I am not sure if it started with a shoulder injury, or TMJ but it was about the same time. I was doing physio for my shoulder because i played baseball. The therapist touched something in my lower rightside of my back and pain shot down my left leg. That is when weird stuff started to happen. About the same time I had to have surgery on my Jaw because i shattered my articulating disk from grinding my teeth to much. I stopped physio for both a short time after. Before all of this I had a few problems such as serious cramping during periods, migraines (CT scan done at 10yrs old),intestinal intussusception with appendix removal and growing pains. Other than that i was fine. I cant remember the time when the fatigue started to set in but it did. I felt like I was hit by a mack truck as they say. I was 16. After highschool i didnt play much sports but i did continue to play competitive softball. I felt in pain all the time no matter how much i stretched. I assumed it was because of years not stretching as a kid. In highshool was troubled like most kids when they are teenagers. I was depressed, did drugs and drank. I didnt do much of that after highschool. I went straight to work. I was at work one day and my right side started to go numb, my hand, face, and tongue. my mother thought that i was having a stroke and took me to the hospital, they said that it was a migraine. In 2001 i starting having these symptoms; muscle pain, joint pain, chronic headaches, strange sensations in my face, lower back, and arms, flu like aches, neck pain and stiffness, very itchy skin, couldt stand, sit or walk, dizziness, ringing in the ear, sensitivity to light, pain in upper spine, loss of circulation in both arms when sleeping or when arms are raised, insomnia, body tremors, muscle spasms, severe pms, and chronic fatigue. The tests that were done were Upper and lower GI series done, always have brought up food or reflux. showed nothing. Bone scan showed pressure on the spleen but everything else was normal, x-rays showed scoliosis. Colonoscopy, showed irritable bowel syndrome, vaginal scope for cyst, found nothing, outcome-probably endometriosis. ear testing, tubes put in right ear for ringing, sleep test showed that I dont go into a deep sleep and that I have RLS and fibromyalgia. How that can be determained in uncertain to many. spinal testing showed different temperatures on either side of the spine, Thoracic testing showed TOS, ECG showed irregular heartbeat, heart felt like it was coming out of my chest. Doctor put me on different antidepressants but I had bad side effects, and he also stopped seeing me because he said that I cried to much. Before that he sent me to a psyciatrist, he said that nothing was wrong with me. I dont feel depressed i feel mad and angry because no one can tell me what is wrong.

April 2003 delivered first child vaginal no problems but couldnt urinate after so they had to put a cathader in. I had a hard time recouparating from childbirth. I had vaginal pressure pain for almost 3 months i could barely walk. I had severe sensitivity to smell, and touch. my periods have always been irregular going from 24-38 days.

June 2003 symptoms, very weak, exhausted, pain in bones, pain in feet and hands expesually in the morning, i feel like the nerves and muscles are sticking together down side of my legs and arms they hurt so much, lower back pain, sciatica pain, hip popped out, headaches, depression, very irritable and aggitated, still nothing. I didnt mention much to my second doctor because i feel like they look at me like a hypocondriac.

From Jan 2005-dec 2005 i suffered 2 migraine headaches that i had to be hospitalized for, one was aura and the other cluster. I also had severe chest pains i was told that is was pulled muscles. In august i went to the hospital due to abdominal pain in my right side from and back. They told me to see my doctor because they thought that it was a cyst. I never thought to go to the doctor because i thought that it was a blocked bowel. I went home and bought 2 enemas. i did both and nothing came out. So i ordered this colon cleanser from dr ***** called colonix and I started having severe abdomnial pain, i was told it was because i had to much yeast in my body. I stopped this after 3 weeks and it cleared me out despite the pain and my daily headaches and nausea were gone completely. November 2005 to jan 2006 i had severe bouts of dibilitating abdominal pain. Finally i went to the doctor. They sent me for an U/S which showed 10cm cyst. Went to gyno and he said lap to remove the cyst and that it was probably endo. I wanted a second opinion so I went to a onc/gyn and he sent me for a CT scan, another US and Ca-125. My ct showed 2 cyst one was 5.6cm the other 3cm. The u/s showed them smaller one in my ovary and the other on my kidney. My first ca-125 was done when i was ovulating and was 35 and the second I was on my 4th day of my period and it was a 78. I now was sent to another gyno because that doctor only deals with cancer patients and he beleives that i dont have that. So this doctor has put me on the pill to see if it shrinks. I am having severe leg pain feeling like my blood is clotting. I am still nauseated. From Jan 2006 to now May 2006 I completely changed my diet. I eat only organic and natural foods. No enriched or modified foods. I drink 8-10 glasses of water. I recently saw white particles in my urine. I was told it was an infection. I was put on antibiotics and it went away for a week now it is back. Symptoms i have right now are urgency to deficate and urinate, when i get there i cant go. I pee between 20-30 times day if not more. My bm hurt most of time when they come out, and i never feel as though i have completely got it all out and I am very gassy. I am not sure what is going on here.

I know that this is long but i really need help on what to do next.

I was told that i have FMS but also told i didnt, i was told that i have CFS, RLS, migraines, IBS, reflux, environmental asthma, TOS,

I have never been tested for MS, no lap for ENDO and i have colon cancer, colitis, and crohns that run on my moms side. No one will listen to me and i need help. There is something wrong and its getting worse.


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