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Hi crazilady99 and welcome.

I am so sorry to hear that you don't feel well. That makes life tough doesn't it?

When I got sick, I couldn't remember being bitten by a tick either. I live close to the beach and we don't have deer. We do have squirrels, pigeons, bats, birds, mice, moles, and rabbits. Those critters can carry infectious ticks also.

I also saw many doctors who guessed at a diagnosis or told me that there was nothing wrong. It made me angry too. How could they say I was healthy when I KNEW there was something serious going on?

I had so many tests. It was a relief when the results were normal, but it also was frustrating because I had no answers.

One doctor I saw said that I had dementia. :)

One of my symptoms was that I completely lost my sense of balance. Not good for a dance teacher. The ear doctor I went to was a donkey-headed buffoon who had a different answer each time he saw me.

I walked into a physical therapists office who specializes in balance therapy, hoping they could help me. The woman interviewed me and really listened to me describe my symptoms. (Boy did it feel great to be heard!) She looked right at me and said that I had Lyme.

It turns out she used to be a competitive cyclist who got on her bike one day and fell off. She had Lyme.

I was lucky to have met her. She recommended a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD). When I met with the doctor, she began to treat me before we got the blood test results back.

I hope you can find an LLMD. You've been through a lot.

My blood was tested at a lab called Igenex in California and it came back positive for Lyme. Prior to that I had the same test run at local labs (MLD and LabCorp) and it came back negative. If you go the Igenex web site you can order the test kit yourself. A doctor has to draw the blood and sign for the test of course.

I would also suggest that you get tested for co-infections.

It may be worth it for you to test your blood at Igenex, only if to rule out Lyme. The test I had was called Western Blot.

Hang in there. If you do have Lyme - the good news is that its treatable! Let us know what happens.

Peace and health to you.

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