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okay, so here are the test results from Igenex labs in Palo Alto, CA. Let me know what you guys think.

I also had the two shots of antibiotics this morning at 11 am and feel okay.. so i guess that means i dont have Lyme? the antibiotics were rocephin and another one that i think started with a "B" biomicine or soemthing, i forget.
anyway here's the results, sorry for the length.

one thing i wonered was what is the difference between IGG antibodies and IGM?

(**): if there are 2 or more positive results for the double astericks, that results in a "positive" lyme test for the IGENEX lab, as you can see below happened to me.

IGENEX IGM results: Negative
18 kDa: -
22 -
**23-25 -
28 -
30 -
**31 IND
**34 -
37 -
**39 IND
**41 IND
45 -
58 -
66 -
73 -
**83-93 -


18 kDa: -
22 -
**23-25 IND
28 -
30 -
**31 IND
**34 IND
37 -
**39 +
**41 +++
45 +
58 ++
66 -
73 -
**83-93 IND

What do you guys think? what are the odds you think i have it? can you be positive like this and not have lyme? then why would it be in my body? Need any more info from the results let me know.

Hi Sco24... The Llmd I Saw Tld Me The Igg In A Lyme Test, Means Is Recent..and The Igm Means You Have It Right For A While..usually In Other Test, Igg Means You Had In In The Past But Not Now, For Example, I Was Tested For Epstein Bar And Trichinosis, The Igg In Epstein Bar Was Positive, Igm Negative, I Means I Had If Before But Not Now, Igg Remains Positive For Ever, Same Trichinosis, But In Trichinosis Was Low Positive, And Doctors Said I Never Had It, That Trichinosis Strain Is Similar To Other Strains So It Mught Be A Cross Reaction...but When It Comes To Lyme The Reading Is Diferent...dont Stop Your Abx When You Feel Better!

In The IGM I Was Ind And Band 41 Was 2 Plus Positve
And Band 93 One Positive, The 93 Means Is Not Recent, And 41 Is A Lyme Specific Band, thats what doctor harris from igenex explain to me and my doctor, you can also call doctor harris from igenex, he is very nice and can explain to you your igg, but from your results, if you have it, seems is recent, your igm is almost all negative.. specially the important bands such as 41 and 93
good luck!!

hi sco!is a hard question! you should give a call to doctor harris and he will hapilly answer you that... you can just call igenex , he is there..but as far as i know, the positive 93 band from igm is the one you have it for a while..thats what he told me, since yours is negative and your igm too, you probably have it very recent which is a good sign... no ne can tell you exactly.. when i ask doctor harris about the leght of mine he said he coldnt tell but was at least more than 8 months... good luck!

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