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Hi Frango,

So sorry you had a bad couple of weeks, hey, don't apologize, you're allowed to have off days, we all have them!

As far as the Lymph Drainage Massage, I asked about it too back in February and below are some of the responses I received:

[U]Sleeper's words[/U]:

The lymph system runs throughout the whole body and it's main function is to move proteins that are stuck between the cells. In doing this, it moves out toxins and keeps the immune system functioning well.

People trained in Vodder lymphatic drainage massage are taught to move the hands very gently in a particular direction to increase the flow of the lymphatic fluid and they always finish the movement at the neck area because this is where the flow is supposed to naturally dump into.

When the lymphatic system is working well, toxins get moved out and the immune system works better. Most people with lyme have a slow lymphatic system because of all the toxins.

I went for a couple of these massages, but it cost $75 each and I haven't been in a couple of months. I think it's supposed to work best if you go a couple of times.

[U]Jeanne added this[/U]:

The lymph system moves with exercise, which is why exercise is so important to keeping healthy. Even sitting on a rebouder and having someone else bounce can move the lymph system. The heat of an infrared sauna can move the lympth system (don't remember how that is just remember reading it in Dr. J's office).

With my PT I get a massage, so that is 2 times a week. He always works on lympth, neck, underarms, around breasts. Because it is PT my insurance covers it.

I figure anything to help!

[U]Janet added this[/U]:

I had lymphatic drainage massage here in Britain. I had picked up yet another infection which was causing my blood to thicken and I had to inject twice a day with heparin and have the massages which were to help shift the toxins from my body.

I understand that your blood goes through your lymph glands to clear all the gunk out, but if they are blocked they can't work effectively.

I saw a trained physiotherapist for a course of treatment. I was shown how to do the head massages myself and I did those twice a day. They also showed my husband how to do the back massages etc and he did those for me each day. The treatment did work in that it got me through a particularly nasty spell.

If it helps anyone else, the physio said that when the glands are blocked it feels like there are peas underneath you skin.

(Is everyone rummaging in their armpits now?)

Does this help Frango?


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