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Itchy eyes
May 23, 2006
Hello i have mentioned before that my mum has bad eyes, like grit under her lids.

well she never explained it properly before and now i have found out she has a prickly heat itch, and its not just her eyes its above her eyebrows so on her farhead and goes around ina large circle.

i suppose like a pandas black eye shape.

anyway after thinking more, i dont see how this can be her eyes..
if it effects such a large part.

She has got 2 weeks of doxy curtisy of med cupboard and i have said as long a she feels well to go for a month and see what happens, shes on 300mg daily. shes got to the oint where she doesnt care what happens and will try anything.

There was a time i tried to help and she wouldnt have any of it, now shes so uncomfortable 24 hours aday and its been constant 3 month with 2 days off.

The 2 dyas off her eye sight clears up as well, which makes me also belive this thing that proffesionals say they cant fix, is removable some how, or teh 2 days wouldnt be such a change.

Not sure what else to offer her.

Recently She has had some prickly heat itching on her arms but not a great deal. first started when she tried flax seed so she stopped and went back to salmon oil, but it back again now with doxy.

I dont know if my mum has Lyme but we are so alike, vertigo, depression, bad mornings, topple sideways. to much of a coinscidence me thinks at times.

not sure what else to try.

Jules xx
Re: Itchy eyes
May 23, 2006
I hope the doxy helps Mum. Her reaction to doxy may help you determine if it is in fact lyme. Lyme is trial and error. I have had alot of problems with my eyes but they were vision and that seems to be better. Infections but that also is better. My big itch is my ears. When my lyme is acting up and it is now, my ears itch almost unbearable. Would love to insert one of those back scratchers into my ear and scratch ear and brain.
Re: Itchy eyes
May 24, 2006
Morning all,

Jules, that's interesting about your Mum and the Doxy. Sometimes I wonder if my own Mum has Lyme and I was born with it, she always had so many problems and still does. Mostly neurological though she gets blisters on her mouth all the time too.

Marsha, the thought of putting one of the back scratchers into my ear to scratch my ear and brain is some visual :eek:

Maybe you can have your husband do the candle waxing in your ears to clean it out? Tell him to light the fire! :D


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