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Good morning to all,

Janet, it sounds like you have an incredible doctor. I too, have been reading about taking temperature to help with getting picture on thyroid...

To all,

I am so relieved to see so many with lyme and adrenal problems have made decision to go with HC. I am not sure yet that is it where I should start. Normally, with anything else, I'd thing, start conservatively and if it doesn't work, then go with the more drastic measures... but when I way in how bad I feel and the effects this severe of burnout is having on body, I am not sure that this rationale is wise in this case.

Yesterday, I did make decsions - woohoo... really. I called the ND that is farther away and declined. And will call other one today and make appt. This was all very late in day.


I respect your vigilent concern that you are never giving advice that tells others what to do. And I know you sense my vulnerability and want me to be wise. I want you to be free in offering your best and not be worried that you are leading the sheep to slaughter. I won't be foolish.

And honestly, though I really do feel bad from the effects of what is physically going on, the way I am wired and the way I emotionally respond to it, I also continue to fight to keep from giving in that yuck.

And I am grateful and amazed and what morning walks do for me. How times like last night - we took Tanka to dog park, then went out for 'bad food', does for me. I laughed at my dog, intereracted with other dogs, people, my husband. We talked in the car. Then ate that yucky comfort food and watched Dancing with the Stars... and I felt good. The problem is waking up, getting on computer and beginning the obsession. Today, within minutes of reading posts, I had chest pressure, breathing change, stress on throat all back in play... I have only been up 30 minutes and will soon go walk and will feel better after that.

I am sure much of the day will be about this issue. There is so much to learn. And if I get a doc appt. I will have many questions to formulate. As I type, the pressure increases. But the purpose of this thread of thought was to say, days are rough, but I am able to interrupt this mess and am so thankful. I just need to do it better on my own. Paul has been so good. We have had some challenges in last months but he has again, been really stepping up to the plate.

What is running across my thoughts, like a ticker tape, is 'thank God for this place, the healthboards... ' Thank you all.

You that have posted are so fortunate. I am posting on another site that is thyroid based and the horror stories there of people needing help with adrenals and thyroid are just as horrendous as stories here. The lengths they are going to receive help is crazy. so I also am having to hope that this doc really will be grounded, well informed and also that I not believe everything that I read... they are pretty radical on that site, but then again, I understand the frustration and need to become self advocates. Sad reality.

I feel strange signing off. I realize I know so little about most of you. I assume we will get to know eachother better as time goes on. I thank you for reaching out to me. That what this place has always been about.

Hope all of you have surprisingly good days today. cj

Back from walk... it's already getting hot, but good walk.

Two things I thought of:
The labs I had included cortisol, thyroid and hormones. Someone told me that reason Estradiol is high is relational to adrenals. Also said by t3 is 'in the dirt' even though in normal range. Should be in top 1/3. And recommend DHEA...

I also didn't know where i fit in hormone reference range as I am not POSTmenopausal but clearly in menopause. so wasn't sure which reference range to choose.

thoughts on any of the above WELCOME. :)

cortisol result ref range
7 - 8 am 8 13-24 nm depressed
11 – 12 noon 1 5-10 nm depressed
4 - 5 pm 1 3-8 nm depressed
11 – 12 midnight 1 1-4 nm normal
cortisol burden 11 23-42

dhea 3 3-10 ng/ml borderline

estradiol 13
Postmenopause Postmenopause-No HRT: 1-4 pg/ml
HRT Target Range: 5-13 pg/ml
Follicular: 5-13 pg/ml
Luteal: 7-20 pg/ml

progesterone 55
Postmenopause-No HRT: 5-95 pg/ml
HRT Target Range: 100-300 pg/ml
Follicular: 20-100 pg/ml
Luteal: 65-500 pg/ml

free test 14 normal Normal: 8-20 pg/ml
ftsh 62 26-85 nIU/ml
ft4 .24 .17-.42
ft3 .48 .28-1.1
tpo antibody negative negative

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