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Hi fm5 and greeting from the Jersey Shore.

I knew of Lyme prior to getting sick but I was sadly misinformed. I knew of the bulls-eye rash and that a few days of medicine would take care of it.

Boy was I wrong.

I have no deer where I live. Then I learned that ticks can live on squirrells, pigeons, moles, rabbits, birds, etc.

I have no "woods" where I live. Then I found a tick that dropped out of a tree and landed on my shoulder while I was mowing the lawn.

I had unexplained knee pain for a few weeks but I dismissed it.

I had a red oval, very very itchy rash on my right shin (not the left) that would not go away or respond to any creams. I dismissed that also.

Only now am I aware of how serious this disease is.

I also can't believe how many people I talk to, who say "Oh boy! I know so-and-so who had Lyme and they were sick for 2 years." or something like that.

Then to have 9 or 10 doctors not even think of Lyme as a cause for my illness? argh!

I am glad to see you pop in here and say hello and voice your concerns. Peace and health to you. :)


Denise: Thanks for sharing about the bills before legislature.

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