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So good to hear from you. Sounds like you have had a pretty rough time. Sometimes we do pull in the shell. It is easier than facing the problems. But you know we are all here for you. Keep us in the loop.

I know you will walk at that wedding. Positive thinking goes a long way and your showing improvement is great news.

I had to have my 2nd picc line pulled a couple months ago. I developed blood clots and I'm now on blood thinners. Hitting the Bartonella, even though I have had a little setback in that area this week. We're use to the setbacks. We learn that early on in this disease. I am learning that the IV's were better for me to tolerate than the orals. My digestive system is not handling orals very well. But after the blood clots, I'm afraid to go back on IV's even if the insurance would cover more. (insurance, another story-still fighting them to get them to pay)

Take care my friend and please keep in touch. Prayers...Marsha
Hi Denise,

So good to hear from you, too! You're so right about how stressful money problems are for someone as sick and indigent as my friend but we are helping her, thanks to my husband's insistance that we are able to! At this point, she's seeing a team of doctors that her meager insurance will cover so she's opted to stay away from dealing with a possible Lyme diagnosis until she feels able to tackle one more thing. We told her that she'll never be homeless and that eased her burden quite a lot. She has 3 grown kids but she doesn't want to have to depend on them if she can help it.

Thank you so much for your kind words and concern. I also want to add a little note to my post to Marsha...

After reading your post about the blood clots, I called my local doctor who had told me to keep an eye on my right ankle, which occasionally had some swelling, discoloration and is usually very cold to the touch. She said if it didn't improve or got worse, she'd want me to go in for a "Venus Doppler" to check the veins for clots and circulation. After reading your post, I called her and she got me into a major hospital for the test THAT day (yesterday)! The tech said that in her opinion everything looked fine so I was very relieved. I want to thank you again for sharing your experience!

Hugs and blessings to all!!


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