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Hi Scott.

I dismissed my early Lyme symptoms because I was a very healthy person. I do not recall any bites from ticks or other insects.

Only when I began to lose my balance did I seek a diagnosis.

I started with ear specialists and I jumped through flaming hoops to find out what was wrong with my inner ears. A balance therapist suggested I get tested for Lyme.

By the time I saw a Lyme doctor I was a very, very sick person. I started treatment with antibiotics a year and a half ago and only recently have I felt improvement.

In the meantime I went for extensive testing at the Balance Center at the Univeristy of Penn. I also saw Dr. Ruckenstein, who is a highly recommended ear & balance doctor. His diagnosis was that my balance mechanisms are completely broken (a peripheral problem it seems).

Well, duh, that's not front page news.

Its obvious that my balance system is broken, but ... why? What on earth broke it?

Dr. R had no answers. My LLMD agrees that Lyme can affect a person's balance. My balance therapist, who also had Lyme, agrees that my balance mechanisms are broken and that Lyme may have had a part in it.

I hope I'm making sense. (Today's not a good day for me)

The other symptoms I had cannot be explained by a sudden inner ear disorder. I had a rash on one leg, knee pain, sticky blood, very low Stricker test results, positive Western Blot for Lyme, facial numbness, etc.

Some of my symptoms can be attributed to an ear problem, such as memory loss, problems speaking, poor concentration, etc.

I found out that ticks can live on birds, squirrels, rabbits and mice. I have no deer near me but I sure have the other critters so a tick bite is not out of the question.

So, in my case, I have a severe inner ear problem. But will it go away? What caused it? Is it permanent? I don't know.

I do know that on my "good" days, my balance is not so bad and my oscillopsia (jiggly vision) is better.

I am holding onto the hope that the Lyme has affected my ears and that as I recover and continue to take abx, I will get better all around.

I hope this helped! :)

Peace and health to you.

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