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I think the one you are referring to that "opens up the cell" is actually the one that is used to kill the cystic form of Lyme. Except it is the bacteria, rather than cells, that it "opens up" so to speak. One unusual thing about the Lyme organism, Borrelia burgdorferi, is its ability to change form to evade a hostile environment, such as antibiotics. They do this by converting to what is referred to as "L" form and also to "cyst" form. When they are in this form, antibiotics cannot affect them, this is why the medication Flagyl (metronidazole) is used as a "cyst-buster" to kill the bacteria in "L" and cystic form. Often it is pulsed (taken for a period, then stopped, then restarted) to coincide with the bacterial reproductive cycle.

Another reason some doctors use combinations is to treat co-infections, as ticks can carry several other diseases and many people with Lyme have one or more of these. It is very important that these are treated in order for Lyme treatment to be successful.

There are over 250 strains of Lyme in North America (many more worldwide) and there is currently no way to determine which of these a person is infected with. Also, Bb is highly adaptable and combining and changing antibiotics helps prevent it from becoming resistant.

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