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Hello friends.

Pre-Lyme, if I pushed myself or took the first long bike ride of the year or did the first long day of yard work, I would feel sore. It wasn't bad and the next day it would go away.

Well, 2 weeks ago my kitchen faucet burst. Last week on a good day I went to Home Depot and bought a replacement.

But I didn't feel well enough to tackle that task until a few days later. I only spent about an hour under the cabinet trying to remove the old one. I got tired and left it for another day.

That was 2 days ago and I am so sore I can't move. Even my hands hurt.

This reminds me of 2 Thanksgivings ago when I tossed a football with my son only to have a sore arm for a week.

Its bad this time. I want to use a bedpan instead of having to go up the stairs to use the bathroom. Even breathing hurts. I sneezed and I thought I would die.

I can understand a little bit of soreness but this is much worse than reasonable.

It hurts so bad that I missed my Bicillin shot. My leg is hurting just too much and I don't have the heart or the guts to poke it with a big needle.

On top of it all I'm having a bad day in general; feeling "drunk", I can't see anything, headache, fever, etc.

My washing machine is also out of order. My poor kids are cleaning the dishes and their clothes on the tub upstairs. Before Lyme I had gutted the downstairs bathroom so there's no sink or running water on the first floor at all.

I still live on the sofa. I walked into my bedroom a few days back to start cleaning - but I was too overwhelmed and didn't know where to start.

I feel like trash and I feel horrible for my kids to be living like this. I am so broke - I couldn't pay a plumber if I wanted to.

Anyway ... is it normal with Lyme to have a small amount of activity cause this much soreness?

Why? :confused:

Are our muscles infected and they can't rebuild themselves? I never had soreness like this before and I don't understand.

p.s. For those who live with this constantly - how do you do it?!?

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