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Re: Bad News AGAIN
Jun 8, 2006
I have told jill this...hi jill!!....but wanted to post it for the rest of you as well,

Mark had a VERY high platelet count when he was sick with Lyme. No one ever gave us any answers about it, but it was quite high. Had to go see a hemotologist/oncologist b/c of it, and everything was normal in time. He did test positive for EBV infection tho, which can affect the spleen. His blood counts were all over the map in three years time. White count, sed rate, platelets, ANA, ACE, ect..

Possible DX were, Leukemia, lymphoma, sarcoidosis, JRA, Lupus, septic arthritis, spondylitis, massive sprep infection, or assorted autoimmune diseases, or him or me being a hypochondriac or your basic nut case. (lots of you veterans remember our hell) HE HAD NONE!! HE HAD LYME!!

He was sent to all the "best" and was getting the same kind of referrals, same kinds of meds thrown at him, and the massive amts of bloodwork--trying to point to anything but Lyme. I feel like I am living this all over again thru Jill, and it makes my stomach knot up when I hear of the fear, anxiety, adn crap she has to go thru!! Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy---but wanted to let her and everyone else know that are going thru this "ruling out process" or run around....DON'T FREAK OUT, if you can help it. I knwo, believe me, I know what hell this is. Hang in there. This disease is complex, under funded, and WAY under studied by most docs.

Bottom line...Mark is well. And you will be too, Jill! Everything is going to be alright. Just wanted to say that all you have been told...we were told too. I know it doesn't help much, but hope it helps a little. Love ya!!

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