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Re: My feet hurt
Jun 7, 2006
Hi sleeperwoken,

What you are describing is an absolutely classic Bartonella symptom, especially the fact that it is worse in the morning. Are you being treated for Bartonella? Other symptoms can include shortness of breath, daytime chills/fever/sweats, blurred vision, general malaise, heart palpitations.
Re: My feet hurt
Jun 8, 2006
Hi Sleeper:

I have this too. It was bad a few months ago and got a little better, then it came back full force. I do think Tin is right about the Bartonella. I see my llmd next week and am going to ask about it... I hope you get some relief soon

I find it worse in the morning, if I put my feet up and then walk it also gets worse, and it is aggravated if I go barefoot.

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