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Hi Laurie:

Oh my goodness, I don't even know what to say, I am crying from reading your post. My sons have nothing like the he** your poor son had to go through. I am so glad to hear that he is cured, that gives me so much hope. He is so lucky to have a Mom as loving and dedicated to getting him well as you have been.

My oldest son was tested at Igenex he is almost 8. The IgM was Negative, but he reacted to 6 bands, two positive and 4 indeterminate and they were all the same bands that I reacted to. His IgG had more bands than mine, again -not the right combination of positives to be CDC positive. He had these episodes of "seizures" as a baby - a sleep deprived EEG was normal. He throws up for no reason all the time. He was in the gifted program last year. This year he struggled at school. His maths tests at the end of the year were actually much worse than they were in the fall. He switches letters and numbers, his memory which was unbelievable is not good anymore. My youngest-5 years old had these choking episodes as baby- a barium swallow showed nothing. Cystic Fibrosis tests were negative, thank God. He was diagnosed with GERD. He also projectile vomits at the drop of a hat. Lately he has been having explosive temper outbursts (used to be an absolute sweety pie, to the point where other Moms at his pre-school would stop me and tell me how sweet, nice, etc he was) This year the only one who wanted to talk to me about his behavior was his teacher-not good. :confused:

My llmd was reluctant to treat my oldest based on these results and said we could retest in 6 months if I was still concerned. I don't think I did a good job of explaining all the issues that we have been having since it was my appointment and we were trying to go over how I was doing. I would love to take my boys to see Dr. Jones.

I don't want them on abx if they don't need them, but my gut feeling keeps telling me that something is wrong. Any advice based on your experience? What types of things did you do for Mark to detox? Maybe I can at least start with that until I can get my oldest retested and my youngest has never been tested.

Thank you


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