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Anyone had this
Jun 13, 2006
Over the last week my arm has been sore at the wrist, now this is teh sun side of my driver side.

So i have not ruled out sun burn, how ever that would normally ease.

Last week sat in teh garden on a night tie i could feel spitting rain on my arm, but everyone laughed teh sky was clear not a cloud in sight, since then its continued but has increased, and now i have a constant spitting rain feeling there.

Its very sore when touched and only releaved with cold water, i have started to get a sort of a rash liek stinging nettle rash on it.

just wanted to ask as i think i am getting teh same in the back of my other hand, its not quiet pins and needles as it skin surfice only.

Mood at teh momnet not sure was up all night and kipped for 5 hours this morning.

thanks ll will pop back later, cutting down a headge at the moment while able, and managed to ball and chain my lad, so can't hang about lol

jules xx

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