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I am worried about my five year old son. I wondered about lyme in him before I got my tick bite because he has had weird symptoms for the last 2 and a half years.

All of the symptoms are vague and minor, so I haven't acted on it. We live in Chapel Hill, NC. He has been bitten many times by deer ticks.

When he was 2, he broke out in a weird rash with ovals (about 3 inches) all over his body.

Since that time, he has experienced red eyes that comes and goes, red ears on and off, headaches, fatigue at times, itchyness and a few unexplained fevers that lasted 1-2 days and came about four weeks apart and an increase in allergies.

In the last couple of months, he has been complaining that his feet hurt occasionally. Today, after an x-ray of his sinuses, we found out that he has a major chronic sinus infection and many of his sinuses are inflammed.

That did it for me. I contacted Igenex today for the test kit and I am having him tested. My child's doctor agreed to sign for the test.

That is great because they really don't seem to know much about lyme disease. When I took him in a couple of years ago with concerns about lyme, they told me it is very rare here and that he would become acutely ill after a tick bite if he had it. (I applied that info to myself after a tickbite and rash and that's how I got chronic lyme!)

My husband (who is usually very supportive) is annoyed with me because he thinks I am projecting lyme symptoms to everyone who is sick. I tried to explain that it is common for other family members to have it.

In fact, he has experienced unexplained hip pain that comes and goes and anxiety attacks. Hmm, he is next for the testing!

The tests are expensive, but I feel like it will be worth it to know.

Thanks for listening!

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