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:wave: Hi, I'm new here. My symptoms began last January so compared to some of you guys I haven't suffered for long. It began with a sore throat and excruciatingly painful neck muscles. They are so tight they affect my throat and ears. I have developed severe TMJ. Have been to 7 dentists and 7 doctors. Have had every test MRIs, bone scans, CAT scans, the test where they put a camera down your throat and all the standard bloodwork. According to all of these tests I AM FINE (not!!). My Western Blot only had the 30 band so they considered it negative and ruled it out (in February). I have continued to get sicker and am dizzy, have headaches, teeth pain (and swelling of gums). I have also gotten neurological symptoms - tremors of head, jaw, tongue, hands, etc. Very scary. This past week I found a LLMD in Grand Rapids, MI - he is very knowledgeable. I had the Western Blot again except he is sending to Igenex. I also had another standard Western Blot and am having a spinal tap. I had a bite in early December after flying on an airplane with some deer hunters. I noticed it when I woke up in a hotel room in Indianapolis. I wonder if they had ticks on them or if I got it from another source. THe LLMD put me on Doxycycline - orally for now. I am hoping this helps.
Anyways, wanted to say Hi to you guys and says your threads have been very comforting. Would also like to hear from others having throat/mouth/neck problems. Thanks.

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