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Hi Deb! So good to hear from you.

Yesterday I was so sick I coulnd't reach my finger over to the Shift key to capitolize and puncuate - and look at me now. I figured I better post back to you before I get too tired & achey to write. :)

My spots went away after about a week. Glad I took pictures. They haven't come back yet but I am looking closely for them.

Although I tested negative twice for Bartonella, me and my LLMD suspected it. So I started the Levaquin.

Immediately I got severe muscle pain. Then the rash. Now I can feel my brain is more clear.

I use these things as evidence of a Bartonella co-infection. Its been a month now that I've been treating it.

I've been trying to find out what kind of bacteria this Bart is: rod, spirochete, etc? How long is its life cycle? How long does it take to eradicate? etc.

I have no info yet - been too sick to surf the web ... and for me, thats SICK.

Your spots sound just like mine, except mine were on my thighs.

I took a western blot for Bartonella henselae through MDL labs. My LLMD said the negative result is no cause for alarm because there may be different species of Bart or it may be a Bartonella-like organism.

What test did you take that came back positive?

Hope this post finds you doing well!

Peace and health and quick recovery to you. :)

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