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Hope you don't mind me jumping on this thread:eek:

I did take way more than the recommended dose. I was under Dr. J's care, and the amounts on the label have to do with FDA rules. These are safe products even while they are powerful.

Earle, I am also still taking the Pale Spike Lobelia. I add the CNS/PNS to it. Your bottle is definitly good. Starting low and working your way up sounds like a good plan. You only need to order the CNS/PNS if you want to add the Silphtrin. Since you are on a low dose of the Pale Spike it sounds like you would be more comfortable just starting with one bottle at a time. Either way works, it just depends on what works for you.

The reason Pale Spike Lobelia is not in a formula by itself anymore is because Dr. J lost some of the crop this year. There wasn't enough left from this loss to make Pale Spike it in its own bottle. (Same with Silphtrin). He grows these plants himself and the land he grows them on has never had pesticides used on it. This is right from the horse's mouth so to speak :D (sorry I am obsessed with horses right now!). This was info Dr. J gave me when I was being treated by him in Kansas.


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