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HI Purple Girl i havent got my " all you need to know about lyme disease" book with me so im hoping someone will come along and give you some info today.

it doenst matter if its one or 5 you could still have Lyme, i have necessary bands indeterminate and i knwo i have lyme.

You have to belive in you, teh time i was hurting mist emotionaly and mentaly confussed was when i was with teh docs.

if you can break free treat your slef and if you get good results tahn you are improving, that is teh only ture way to find out.

Doctors will do anything to get you on yoru way in an oppositte direction.
The proof is in teh pudding and no one can tell you different.

If teh world can not find an accurate test, then what on earth makes someone think they are qualified enough to tell you you have not got lyme.

You need to look after you and not let them get you worked up.

if you are positive for one band and suffering then move ahead alone, every day left is a day to lyme.

Hugs Jules xxx
apoligise my typing is not good lately.

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