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Just found out this week that my daughter who is 11 is positive (from Igenex) and her CD 57 was somewhat low at 57. She doesn't have any symptoms except short term memory problems sometimes, and if I didn't know about lyme I wouldn't think much of that. She was bit by a tick 2 years ago, got a rash and was treated for 3 weeks with amoxicillin. At the time the pediatrician said that is not a typical bulls eye rash (but was in the area where the tick was removed), but if you want us to treat her we will. Of course I now know that was not long enough treatment.

I think she should be treated even if symptoms are not obvious now. What do you guys think? I can't stand the thought of the bacteria lurking waiting for the opportune time to make itself known. I will call my LLMD on Mon to see if she will treat her.

We are seeing the pediatrician next week, as when I asked for the rx to have the same tests run on my son, the Dr said he had to come in first. Hope that goes OK. I am seeing some symptoms and again if you didn't know lyme, I can see how you could dismiss it as a phase. He gets frustrated sometimes over simple things and will burst out crying.

Both my kids are very healthy (knock on wood) and miss at most 0-2 days of school a year since they have started school. They do eat veggies but the food thing is the hardest part for me, and would be torture for them.

Anyone have any ideas on how to boost their immune systems?

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