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Ok.. so I called my doctor and found out I had the IgG and IgM antibody test done with labcorp. Is this even the western blot test or is it what as known as the ELISA? So should I request Igenex's IgM and IgG test with PCR, their standard primary test, or should I go straight for the urine DNA test? Is Igenex's standard primary test much better than Labcorp's or is it the fact that they take the extra step to do the PCR and then even further tests if needed?
Ok, thank you. So the IgG and IgM AB tests were not the western blot correct? So the western blot would be the next best test or should I get the Igenex IgG and IgM and PCR done and then the western blot? If the western blot if primarliy negative, should I assume it's not Lyme then? This is kind of confusing since there is no standard approved test and the ones that are done aren't very accurate. Should I start with Igenex as if I've had nothing done?

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