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I see kids struggling in school with educational and behavioral problems, allergies and so many other symptoms. Lyme is an epidemic here.

My son had sore knees at night (I thought it was growing pains), allergies and a rash for years in the crack of his behind. Not to mention the swollen glands in his neck and trouble with his reading. Headaches, occassional fever and occassional vomiting. He used to blink as if something were irritating his eyes. Since he was treated for lyme he has no pain, no allergy symptoms, doesn't vomit, doesn't run fevers, doesn't have headaches and his reading is at the level it should be. He hasn't had a rash in his crack and prior to treatment there was nothing I could do to eliminate the problem. He does still get wiped out and has to lie down in the afternoon. I have to keep a constant watch on this illness.

So I guess, yeah people don't have to make a big deal of it if they are happy living with the symptoms, crappy short-term memory, joint pain and behavioral problems. Or if they can't sleep at night sweating and they have heart palpatations and lie in bed thinking they are going to die.

I hear a lot of complaints from parents about their kids having symptoms, learning problems, behavioral problems and adults with fibromalaysia, joint pain, migraines, fatigue. They haven't been diagnosed, but the symptoms are a big deal. Whether you know you have it or not, you still suffer.

I suspected my other son had lyme for a long time. First western blot negative. Then he had a tick bite and the pediatrician wouldn't give him preventative antibiotic. So I took him to the LLMD. Today I found out he is positive. Could be a new infection, but in my heart, I feel he's had it for a while. He never pukes and a few months ago was freaked out about the food coming up from his stomach. He didn't know what vomiting was. His appetite changed, he started becoming more emotional, knees and ankles hurt at night and glands were swollen in his neck. I knew it was lyme. His reading became more choppy and he was misreading words because he would say he thought the "c" was an "e." I can relate.

I just had to drive a little further and spend money out of my pocket to get proper treatment for my son.

As for me? I probably lived with pain and bi-polar disorder because of this disease. Maybe it was lyme that caused my infertility problems and irregular cycles. What about my panic attacks? Something caused them, and I think it was lyme. From the time I was a teenager and lived on Long Island and started playing in the woods, I was plagued with depression, anxiety, digestive problems, joint pains and the list goes on.

It's a big deal to me because although I can't prove it, I think I had it since I was in my teens and lost 20 years of my life because of lyme-related symptoms that held me back in my career and held me back from having children at a younger age. I didn't know what was wrong. Where did the heart murmer come from when I was 17? I didn't know about lyme disease. It is a big deal and it was in my life. I just wish I knew what the hell was happening to me so many years ago. What about people who "snap." I had a dog that had a tick-borne disease. I had to put him down because the veterinarian said he was depressed and ready to snap.

If I knew I had lyme 20 years ago my life would be different. I can't wish it would be different because I wouldn't have my life the way it is today. I am finally happy and anxiety-free. Confident, but feel like it's too late to pursue a fulfilling career.

I hear a lot of parents complaining about sicknesses, allergies, behavioral and learning problems in their children. I know a lot of adults who complain about fibromalysia, allergies, migraines, joint pain, fatigue and a lot of other things. They may not be concerned with lyme disease, but there's something going on and they have their share of complaints. Most people who suspect lyme are satisfied with that ELISA test that comes back negative and then spend money on other treatments and hiring tutors for their kids.

I am venting. Three out of four of us in my family have been positive so far. My husband's results should be back in a day or two. He's had his share of complaints and I've been pushing for him to get a reliable lyme test. I hope he is negative.


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