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Hello Everyone,

I just stumbled across this website late last night as I was scouring the web to find out more information about chronically ill Lyme patients. I am so glad that I found this site because everyone on here I can identify with.

I have a great Lyme doctor in Winona, MN and she has helped me walk again and get some sleep. We've decided that I've had the disease for about 7 years and just didn't know it until I was having major neurological problems and misdiagnosed several times. I have been on antibiotics since Dec. 2004... everything you can think of from Doxy, several IV (5 months PICC line), Levaquin, Flagyl and Zithromax just to name a few. I also use a lot of supplements, am on strict diet and pro-biotics for the yeast. Overall, I am much better than I was and am thankful that I can drive again and maybe go to work for a few hours a week. However, I do have many flareups and relapses that just knock me out for days. I am discouraged because the more I read about this and talk with other Lyme people, I don't know many people who have been totally cured if they suffered from it chronically.

I am 34 years old and have a wonderful boyfriend who would like to start a family someday. I know the transmission risks of mother to fetus and how to treat during pregnany for prevention, what I am really worried about (I know this disease is so individual) is just raising children. I want to hear from you parents out there of just coping with a chronic illness and trying to be a good parent everyday with this awful disease. I am in a quandry of just trying to get myself better and that is responsibility enough, vs. fulfilling my boyfriend's dream. Perhaps the idea of having a family isn't the best thing to do in this situation and I may have to let him go. Please help me realize what it is like.

Thanks so much,


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