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Hello Wailea366,

I, too, have had huge digestive problems... mainly painful constipation and bloating. Now, with the new med I am on it is diarhrea. Chest pains and air hunger were something I experienced a lot of. Fevers and dizziness were a daily disturbance along with eye pain and floaters in my left eye. TMJ and my tongue felt weird, like swallowing was hard and just talking was difficult to make myself clear. Most prevalent for me was the major neurological problems with shocks and stabbing pains, huge muscle spasms (at times I thought I was possessed:bouncing: ), joint pain... oh and for the ringing in the ears, I run a fan at night when all the day's background noise is gone... otherwise I would go crazy.

I had two neurolgists out of Minneapolis who told me it was stress and that I needed to go to a psychiatrist. I did for 8 months and you can imagine how I got worse. Since I have had my LLMD and started my treatment almost two years ago, I can work around 15 hours a week. That is HUGE!

Find yourself a good doctor that knows about Lyme and new treatments. It is the only way to go.

Sending hugs your way,


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