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Tick Bite??
Jun 27, 2006
Last Sunday I found a tick partially embedded in my thigh while in the shower. I pulled it out with a tweezer and it left no mark so I thought nothing of it. Now 1 week later I am not sure if what I have there is from the tick bite because it looks like a mosiqtoo bite now and it itchs alot. What are the chances this is from the tick bite and could it be a sign of lymes? I know when you get a rash from a tick it looks like a bullseye but this is very itchy and the whitish part in the middle is raised and about the size of a dime and the reddness that is around it makes the whole thing the size of a half dollar.
I cannot beleive that I would have got bit by 2 bugs on the same thigh. What should I do?
Any feedback would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!!

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