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Hello all,
I finally got the big news - a positive Igenex Test. My IgM bands indicate a current Lyme infection. I feel a little relieved that at least I know now that I am not crazy. In early December I had a bite on my hand/wrist after flying with several hunters who had been in Wisconsin. I truly believe that is how I got it!! If I can get it on an airplane - then it is truly an illness that is not confined to certain parts of the U.S.

I am ANGRY TOO because I went to 9 or so Drs. all affiliated with a supposedly "state of the art" hospital system in Michigan and NONE OF THEM took me seriously. It was only when I went to a LLMD in Grand Rapids that I was diagnosed. I owe him my life. In the 6 months since the bite I have gotten progressively sicker to the point that I had tremors in my head and tongue. I could not hold my head up long enough to drive the 2 hours to the LLMD in Grand Rapids. If even one of the Drs. had taken me seriously in January my symptoms would not have progressed to this point. This has almost ruined my career and has put a strain on my home life.

I can't believe that this type of thing could happen in the U.S. It is frightening to think I could have ended up totally disabled if I had not actively pursued a diagnosis myself. Thanks for listening to my frustration and I appreciate everyone on this Board - you were my only respite during the dark days when I was waiting for the Igenex results.

You are all in my daily prayers. SROCC20655
I guess congrats and my sympathies are in order. At least you have a diagnosis. I am at the stage of going through so many doctors with so many strange symptoms. I'm going to call my insurance and press them to cover an Igenex test. I've had the Labcorp titrate, but from what I hear, I might as well as just looked at my blood under a microscope :dizzy: . Quick question though, how long did the results take and did your insurance company cover the test or part of the test (f you have insurance)?
Hi srocc20655. I am glad you got a diagnosis, I know it is a relief to have validation for your symptoms. Were you tested for the co-infections Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis (HME & HGE), Bartonella, and Mycoplasma also? This is very important.

Lyme disease is the second fastest growing infectious disease in the US after AIDS and the number one vector-borne disease in the US, yet little is being done to educte the public and medical communtiy about its seriousness and prevalence. It is in every state.

It is terrible to have to fight so hard when you are sick to get the help you need. What meds are you taking?

Good luck with your treatment!
Moesciphish and Ticker,
Thanks for your responses.

Moesciphish - I paid Igenex around $720 which included testing for Lyme and all the related tick borne illnesses. I haven't submitted to my insurance carrier at this point - so I don't know if they will cover any of it. It took 15 days to get a diagnosis - had it done on June 12th and got the results today.

Ticker - I am currently on 600 mgs of Doxycycline per day - and have been for 2 1/2 weeks. I am tolerating quite well and have even had a couple of better feeling days in that period. I also have had days where I am sure I was herxing - like today I feel crappy. I see my LLMD this Thursday and we will discuss whether to move to IV therapy at this point. I feel good about this Dr. - he seems quite Lyme literate. I know he has spoken on the topic at some conventions, etc. He did test for all the other tick borne illnesses. When I spoke to the nurse today she didn't seem to see anything on them. I am sure when I see the Dr. Thursday he will know if anything else came up positive. Since I have suspected having Lyme I have done nothing but read and research it so I know how important it is to find out about co-infections.

Thanks to both of you for your responses and talk to you soon. We all WILL GET WELL!!!!

SROCC20655 :D
When I called Igenex they said about $390 for the Panel 5000 or Panel 5002 (?) that is the first standard tests to look for Lyme. I think I will probably have this done and then others if Lyme does show up. Is it possible to have the other infections without Lyme? If I do have it, I got it while working at a state environmental agency. I wonder if they would offer to pay some of it or if I could file a claim or something. I don't want to sue them or anything, but I already have medical bills piling up and $720 is a hefty amount. Well again, good luck with your treatment.
Yesterday saw my LLMD. The question came up since I tested positive to Babesia and indeterminate to Lyme could I just have the Babesia. His response was "That would be like having a fire without smoke".
srocc, glad to hear you got a definitive test result. Knowledge is power with this disease. Don't forget about those co-infection tests.
6Blues - Thanks. I tested negative for any co-infection - which is good news at least. I haven't had the symptoms of those - no fevers or anything. So it is only Lyme I am dealing with - which is enough. These good and bad days really stink. I have only been on antibiotics for 3 weeks and I know I am expecting too much. SROCC20655 :dizzy:

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