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Hey Frango.

Glad to hear you had fun, sorry to hear about the fatigue. I've had that happen. It sticks, doesn't it?

Thanks for asking about my dad. He's fine now. The next day, my son got a piece of metal in his eye and developed a rust ring. He's been for minor eye surgery twice so they could drill it out of his cornea. Ewwww. He is so brave!!! I don't think I could that.

More stress for me. argh!! ;)

Since I started the Levaquin, I've had such severe muscle pain that I "sit around" more than usual. I noticed that my oscillopsia got much worse. I bet its because I stopped moving so my brain stopped compensating.

What do you think?

Yea, I did mention IV's to Dr. E. LOL - I can't remember what she said.

She wrote me a prescription for an IV med and I took it to my pharmacy to see if my insurance would cover. They didn't fill it. I can't remember what med or if my ins. would pay. Talk about bad memory! Yikes!

I think she wanted me to stay my course for a bit longer. Then we tried the Levaquin and thats working, so I guess we'll wait for the Bartonella to go away and then see if the Doxy kicks in again.

To be honest, I don't think I have enough courage to get a PICC line. I so admire those who have one.

LOl about those world renowned ear specialists! The one I saw didn't say squat to me except to go for therapy. Duh, I knew that already.

This oscillopsia drives me crazy.

Last night I was sitting on my front porch, watching the red full moon rise and getting sad and melancholy thinking of how I used to run to the beach with my kids to watch the moon rise over the ocean. Also the ex-boyfriend (who ran away from Lyme) and the full moons we watched. I cried.

I just got so sad. I had been watering my lawn from a sitting position. Then I stood up to walk to the edge of the lawn to throw the hose into a pile and I couldn't walk. I could not walk in the dark at all. I actually fell. I had no sense of where the ground was.

Thats typical symptom of someone with complete vestibular loss. My fall made me cry again.

I know I should have faith and all that, but I get really depressed and sad when I think of having to live the rest of my life without reading road signs or running or dancing or being able to walk across a lawn.

This s*cks so badly!

I see Dr. E in 2 days - and I will ask again about IV. I'll let you know what she says.

So how've you been? Resting from all the kids running around?

Take care of yourself!

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