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Hey guys..I know its just the initial screen BUT I tested positive, so I guess its on to West blot...I'm close to seeing an LLMD and get further testing for Co-infections ,etc but it unfortunately takes time. Can someone, share a high level opinion on the below, share any positives or negatives..Again, I realize its inaccuracy and lack of detail but still in all i'm curious...ALSO, I saw where 6 blues mentioned her enzyme levels were "back in range" (CONGRATS!)...Well, mine are now a bit out of range: (Alkaline Phospate 126, (ALT: 61), In the past they're always normal...Is this a normal reaction to the initial infection? I hope so..

Below are my Labs

Lyme D Screen: 3.68
Interprete: Positive ABN

Lyme Disease IgG Negative
23 KD IgG band reactive
41 kD IgG band reactive

Lyme Disease (IgM) positive
23kD IgM band reactive
41kD IgM band reactive

Not sure why the result reads negative for IgG when the same two numbers are bold and read "reactive"....I think it was Ticker who mentioned 41 is common with new infections but any additional insight would be appreciated prior to me getting out there and purchasing that book by Karen so and so!:)....Thanks, hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!!
Thanks Ticker...I'll be grabbibng some Milk thistle tonight since I gotta go to whole foods anyway!..I just took it upon myself to see a specialist @ the infectious Disease Dept @ Hartford Hospital, at least for the short term since a lot of people take weeks if not months for an appt...the Dir there is Brian Cooper, I would assume they're pretty good and I'm hopeful to have an appt next week as I had my pcp fax my results to them today. The test was performed by Quest Diagnostics. ..I think I was confused, help me out here, Are these results "Western blot"?..I was under the impression that was the "next test" but now it seems the screen of 3.68 was initial and the band readings on the next page was the blot, looks like it was already performed? True?...Sorry bout that...One other thing, if my IgM is positive (which would make sense) since I took the tick off a month ago, why am I showing an over-all negative for IgG, when on the report the same two bands are highlighted as reactive also?, not enough out of the 10?...Sorry if some of t his seems trivial but its a little muttling...Once again, deeply appreciated

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