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I just sent my husband out to fill my script for doxy (400mg day) and the pharmacist had him call me to make sure I knew it was above the recommended dosage. I didn't know this for sure but assumed it would be. Dr. Swami said to only fill as name brand (on the script) but I opted to get generic (the cost is much cheaper for me). Do you know if there is a difference between the 2 medicines?

I feel a little sorry for my husband right now. I sent him off with a script for vicodin (taken for chronic back pain), percocet (from surgery pain), and doxy (above the recommendations). My husband was so worried that I had two strong narcotic prescriptions that he went to 2 differnt Target pharmacies. :) I didn't bother to mention that the pharmacy's are networked.

Is there a point where the pharmacy won't fill a script becasue it is above the recommendations? I'm wondering if we go up to 600mg what will happen? I'm think we will be heading to the IV route pretty quickly but want to be prepared just in case.

For this who have a pic line what was it like gettng it? How long does it stay in? Is it a pain having the IV therapy?

As always, thanks.


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