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Jul 5, 2006
Lyme Gang,
Since the start of my symptoms aprox 2 years ago. Seems like i have had almost every test known. Im a 45 yr old male.
Symptoms list-
Chronic sinus infestions
Leg Pains (inside of knees-up a inch or so)
Pins and needles hands & Feets
Muscle twitching (all over at different times)
Some brain fog
Bad Eye floaters
Anxiety symptoms
Low body Temp (feet cold also)
When waking up,Glands under chin would be swollen (like mumps or something) then reside after shower?
Joint pains (knees and shoulder)
Hair loss and very itchy scalp. With like pimples/sores (were the hair is thinning)
Various others too.
I have Had two different tests for lyme. Primary Dr and one at Mayo. Both Neg. Only thing that was border line in all the blood work (twice) was slightly
elevated blood suger? Never had that anywhere close before...
Mayo said i have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/maybe Fibro.
My primary Dr thinks anxiety. In anyones opinion, should i do the Igenex Test to rule out the Lyme once and for all? Is the Igenex test prety much a deffinitive answer?
I never remember having the "Bulls Eye" rash, but have been bitten by plenty of ticks.
Thanks for any input.

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