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Hi Marhsa.

Just wanted to share that I noticed two rashes have returned.

My Bartonella rash seems to be back. I have two spots that look exactly like the first time I had this. One is on my big toe and the other is on the inside of my leg. I truly truly hope that this means that the Bartonella is dying! The timing seems right too - its been about 2/3 weeks since the first rash went away. So it may be a text book Bartonella Herx.

I see my LLMD tomorrow. I haven't shaved my legs in about a year so she'll be surprised when I lift up my pajama bottoms to show her. :D

The other rash is my initial Lyme rash. I had an oval shaped bumpy, red ITCHY rash on my right shin a few months before the nuero symptoms kicked in. This was 2 1/2 years ago. The itching drove me CRAZY!!!! I would wear pants to work so I could scratch it under the conference room table during meetings. LOL

I tried every cream and lotion known to mankind and nothing helped the itching. It went away only after I started abx roughly 2 years ago.

This morning I found myself scratching that exact same spot. I thought "Oh no!" So I took a look and sure enough - it looks like its back.

I also have another one on the bottom of my right calf. They look like a group of little red dots - and they itch like mad!

I pray this is a good sign and the rashes are a sign of major die off.

I wanted to share my news with you so you know you are not alone with rashes and pains and fears and suffering.

Hope this post finds you doing well today. How was the sleeping last night?

Peace and health to you.
hi 6 blules! i can relate to your problem!!! every one and then i get a samll rash in the same spot i had my lyme rash... also sometimes is itchy and i scrat it and gets big and i get sooo scared...... i take a picture of if and mamil it to my doctor, but it only lasts hours!! the day after is gone.. is crazy!!!! so last visit to my doctor, he gave me this explanation..when you have had a rash before, it gets irritated once in a while and very sensitive... also i notice that i get that kind of rash in my polio vaccine.. again, really itchy and lasts hours, like 8 hours, then is gone... it drives me crazy!!!!!!!!!!hope i get rid of that someday and dont see crazy rashes never again!!!! bug hug!

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