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... Sorry we have been out of touch for the past several days due to death in our family as well as my husband becoming very sick. After taking the antibiotics on the 12th day he was violently ill. Fever, diahrea, vomoting, etc. We were able to make our appt in NC on Tuesday. We got our test results and I would like to post and see if anyone can help me. Our appt went well, much... (25 replies)
... and 41 kDa. What I find interesting is that Quest and Labcorp both said band 25 was reactive in the past but Igenex didn't show this. ... (5 replies)
... In the IgG it looks like I just have the 41 kDa present. My MD seems to think that lyme disease is not the case. What do you think? ... (2 replies)

... on the IgG, and that I had no bands showing on the IgM. Which is interesting... 41 is still showing positive on the latest IgG...and now I've got 3 indeterminates on the IgM. ... (12 replies)
... What should I believe? My only symptoms are nerve pain (paresthesia) all over, mainly legs and arms. Occasional joint pain or shortness of breath. Western Blot IGM +41 IGG +39 +41 CDC conclusion is negative. (4 replies)
... I've been sick for 5 years and recently went to a "Lyme Disease Specialist". He works out of a building complex next to a fast food restaurant and staffs only three people. He did the Western Blot on me and also the Urine test for Lyme. Urine test was negative, Western Blot was positive.. by his standards. I have only had maybe 4 tickbites in my life, never had a... (8 replies)
... Well... the results from IGeneX are in... for myself: IgM: 31 kDa + (**) 41 kDa + (**) 58 kDa + IgG: 23-25 kDa IND (**) (14 replies)
... Test Name: IFA B Burgdorferi G/M/A Result: <1:40 TITER Ranges: <1:40 Negative 1:40 Inderterminate = OR >1:80 Positive (1 replies)
... Hi All Iíll save you the dreary details unless asked but I've been struggling with my health for the past 23 months post a "viral infection". After two Lyme tests (ELISA and WB, both through Lab Corp) via my pompous GP doctor, I finally gave in and pursued a real Lyme literate doctor. Iíve literally seen 41 specialist in just about every medical field The LLMD reviewed... (4 replies)
... these various bands that she has tested positive for and have been left with a few impressions but do not fully understand what I am hearing. Some say that band 41 id disputable as far as being specific to lyme. Also, does anyone one know what the significance of band 58 and 66 is? ... (0 replies)
Got results today
Apr 10, 2005
... while the 41 kDa band isn't. ... (16 replies)
... Blot information below. It can be confusing. The IgG tests for a longer standing infection and the IgM is a more recent infection. From what I understand, band 41 is usually the first to appear after a Lyme infection. ... (1 replies)
Holy Toledo!
Jun 29, 2007
... Hi - Now I understand why so many folks ask about their Igenex results! This is confusing with all of the "if this, then that, but only if..." and such. :dizzy: Okay, here goes..... Lyme IgM Western Blot Igenex: Negative CDC/NYS: Negative (note - the * are on my lab results for these bands) ** 23-25 kDa - ** 31 kDa - (15 replies)
Jan 2, 2009
... here's my results IGG 18 kDA 22 kDa 23-25 kDa 28 Kda 30 Kda + 31 Kda (6 replies)
IGX Results
Dec 17, 2008
... Thoughts on Results?????? IGG 18 kDA 22 kDa 23-25 kDa 28 Kda 30 Kda + (2 replies)
... Ok, little backgrond info. Back in august I started experiencing some occasional blurred vision. On top of this I started having uncontrollable spasms/tremors in my hands. This happened about 3 times before I went to see a doctor about it. Needless to say, the doctors here seems more interested in a paycheck than actually helping someone, and I was casually passed off to a... (3 replies)
... BigStan, below I have copied and pasted your post from the Open forum so we could respond here. Hi Everyone, I just received my test results faxed to me by my doctors office. I haven't met with him yet to go over the results. I'm trying to determine if I have Lyme but the IgeneX test data is complicated. Can anyone help me (Ticker), in dertermining if I really do have Lyme... (8 replies)
... Here are my Lyme IgM Western Blot results: 18 kDa ++ 22 kDa - 23-25 kDa - 28 kDa - 30 kDa - 31 kDa - 34 kDa - 39 kDa IND (82 replies)
... Hi everyone, Hi sure would appreciate any help you can give to help me better understand my test results. The Western Blot IGG was positive & the IGM was Indeterminate. But, I don't really understand what exactly the individual bands mean. Do I really have Lyme? Part of the confusion is why my LLMD dr. hasn't treated me yet. These results are from 1.5 years ago and I... (30 replies)
... Hi guys. This is Chuck again (I wrote to you about a month and a half ago here about Lyme). I was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr back in September... I've suffered from painful fatigue and dry throat. You all advised me to send bloodwork to IgeneX. Well, I did, and here are the results. Please tell me what you make of them: LYME IGG WESTERN BLOT NEGATIVE 18 kDa - ... (8 replies)

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