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hi debill!!i was hopping you will write that mail soon!!!! so glad you are doing better again... i think you were herxing...are you still on amoxil?? i started amoxil yesteday, and stop doxy, not for lyme but because of teeth infeccion...i feel more anxious and tired.. i remember you mentioned anxiety when you started amoxil.. maybe is because of thet, and some kind of dizziness too, i started with 4 a day but today 3 a day, of amoxil, i guess for a week and then back to doxy, my doctor thinks is kind a good idea moxil for a while but i prefer doxy..i was also wondering why would i get an infected tooth if i am on doxy... maybe doxy is not working anymore? so manyq uestions...... but really happy to see your mail go girl!!! keep us posted!! big hugs!

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