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Hi schao,

It sounds like your doctors need to be reminded that even the CDC says that Lyme is supposed to be a clinical diagnosis. I don't know where you live, but at least one LLMD recognizes that even one positive indicator on the Western Blot should be treated as Lyme. Here's the link that explains his logic:

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I got my Lyme in Kansas decades ago and my Western blot results and symptoms were very similar to yours. Thankfully for me, my doctor follows Dr. Crist's protocol. I did subsequently test positive on the Bowen QRiBb test which I highly recommend because it is the ONLY test that looks for the bacteria themselves.

My herx symptoms when I started on antibiotics would have confirmed my diagnosis if nothing else had. I've been on them for about 14 weeks now and am clearly experiencing improvement.

Below is a URL that will take you to the U.S. patent site. If you search on the patent number (6,838,247) it will pull up the QRiBb patent info. It explains the logic as well as the process better than I can.


Many Lyme people are skeptical of it which amazes me when I know they, like me, have gone undiagnosed for years and suffered tremendously because of it. Dr. Whitaker, who invented the test process reportedly is a Lyme sufferer herself, and Dr. Mattman who independently validated the test results was nominated for a Nobel Prize for her work on stealth pathogens in 1997.

Please let us know how things progress for you. Best of luck. I can truly empathize.

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