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Actually Dr Jemsek stopped by on his way back from Raleigh yesterday. He had been telling me he needed some koi for his water garden. He was here for maybe 2 hrs.

He said the conditions were pretty fair except that he has to have a postive result to treat. And we know how accurate lyme testing is. Not sure how he will handle that. He can treat with IVs for 60 days and orals for 60 days. The way the meds are pulsed, he didn't see that as a problem. I didn't question him more.

It does make me wonder in my case, will I be able to continue meds. I have enough to last me until I go back in 7 wks. I take 5 days, off 2 then repeat with the last three adding flagyl. Then I take 2 wks off. Then I start the same over again. So in that 2 month period I am taking orals for 20 days.

If I went to Dr Jemsek under the conditions set by the medical board, I don't know if he could begin treatment. I tested positive 19 yrs ago but have no proof. My igenex was all indeterminate. But I did test positive for several of the Co's. That might be enough to get me treated if I were a new patient. I think with the new bullseye rash that has now faded to faint rash, that would get me treated now.

I worry about all the new patients that need treatment. This positive blood lyme test seems to me to be a big problem. I hope Dr J can work thru it. We all know how much chronic lymies suffer.

There needs to be alot more public awareness so lyme can be treated before it becomes chronic and dissiminated.

Did I tell you guys that my insurance co took Jemsek off the in network drs. He is now out of network, which means out of pocket. I received a letter from the insurance company informing me of this and offering to help me find a doctor to treat me. Like I would trust them. LOL

I have been a little on the depressed/feel bad side today. I kept my 4 grandkids whom I love dearly, ages 5 to 10. They were good but take alot out of me. I would like to find a hole and hibernate in it like the bears do for a few weeks. Catch up on my sleep, wake up lyme free and full of energy. Its a nice little dream. But sometimes they come true at least the sleep and wake lyme free w energy.

Someone tell me there is a cure on the way!!!

I am taking the septra AM and have to fight chest pains all day. I have tried it two night, its not so easy to fight in the middle of the night. What is another drug equal to septra ds.


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