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About 2 weeks ago, my Lyme rash seemed to have reappeared after a year and a half of being gone.

Its ugly and itchy.

At first I was glad to see it come back - maybe i'm at the end of the Lyme road?

But now I have 2 of these things, one appeared on my other leg. Red, bumpy, itchy!!

I see that they are spreading too - not contained neatly like the first time - and that worries me.

I also have big bruises on the backs of my legs that are unexplained.

I also have the most swollen feet I ever saw in my life - even though I am in air conditioning all day.

Can my legs be having a Herx?

Anyone go through anything like this?

p.s. Its not poison ivy or anything like that.
I'm sorry you are having this. But we still hope it is the last of the lyme making a farewell stand. If it continues, you may want to call your doctor.

I am sorry you are having new symptoms. Have you tried to call your doctors office? Also, I don't know how much this is related but I have bruises all over my body. I truly look like I have been beaten. Now I am on plavix and I do bruise easily but never like this. I was assuming it is from the new antibiotics but maybe it has something to do with the actual Lyme? Let me know what you find out ok?!

PLEASE get better! I'm thinkng of you. :angel:


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