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Hi All,

Have any of you ever had an itchy and painful bullseye rash? When I first went to the doctor, they said it [I]looked like[I] a bullseye rash, but they couldn't be 100% sure. Regardless, they advised me to take an antibiotic. The next day, it became extremely hot to the touch and doubled in size, but definitely looked more like a bullseye. I keep asking if it could be cellulitis. Well, they didn't like the way it looked yesterday, saying it could be an infection or allergic reaction [I]in addition to[I] the tick bite, so they added a second antibitic. It seems to feel a bit better today, but sheesh, what a mess. Anyway, I was just wondering if it's possible to have a bullseye that is both itchy and painful.

Thanks so much,

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