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Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and could use some insight. In 1994 I tested positive for lyme through the very unreliable ELISA test. I was treated with doxycycline for 1 month and started to get better. Symptoms at the time consisted of: Headache,palputations,anxiety,dizziness, night sweats,insomnia etc. and a poisin ivy type rash. This all started after returining home from a trip in upstate NY (wooded area) 2yrs after my initial treatment I became very ill for about 1 week, I had a very high fever 103 or so and I had severe flu like symptoms. My lyme doc at the time thought it was erlichiosis but I tested neg. He gave me 2 wk doxy again and with 2 days of starting the treatment I was playing basketball. I still think it was erlichia. Fast foward to 2002 I again came down with a less severe flu-like illness, and have since had constant daily headaces,blurred vision, very sweaty clamy palms, blurred/fuzzy vision, neck pain/cracks,back pain, fatiuge, eye pain/allergies,sever post nasal drip, tinnitus, overall myalgia and malaise ,weight gain and thinning hair and my most bothersome symptom is a feeling of imbalance without ever having a severe epsiode of vertigo, its an invoulantarty rocking/swaying. I am seeing a CFS specialist in the city who thinks I have CFS/FM. All regular labs come back normal except I show positive Igg results for HHV6, Cytomegalovirus, EBV (I had in 97), Mycoplasma and M.Pneumoniae. My doc wanted to start me on doxy for the M.pneumoniae but I dont understand that b/c i thought Igg meant past infection. Anyway I dont know if it is normal to test pos. for all these viruses or not. I've had 2 different Western blots from Igenex. They both returned neg. but the band readings were all different. i dont understand that either. My most recent Igenex tests showed a positive Babesia (fish) test, with neg. whole blood PCR's. I assume this means I have babesia. Again doc suggested doxy for it. WRONG!!! Does anyone think all this sounds like Lyme and or Babesia, and could Babesia be causing all these sympotms and for so long without making me severly ill? Any input or advice would greatly be appreciated. I am seeing a very good lyme specialist Dr. Sam Donta in MA in about a month or so, but I dont really feel like just sitting here with a pos Babesia test and no treatment for another month, but what can I do. Thanks and PLEASE! feel free to post, I could really use the support at this point (as im sure we all can)

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