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That pain is the worst ever! I just got off cipro yesterday for the exact same reason. My doc gave me cipro for bartonella, cipro is in the same family as levaquin and has the same side effects listed, namely "tendon pain." I had no idea what that meant and didn't really even know where my tendons were in my body. Well for anyone who doesn't understand what it means when it says "tendon pain," it means that it feels like someone is tearing your muscles off your bones. The pain is much different from lyme pain, it's not a dull ache and its not a stabbing joint pain, it's an electric jolt type pain that makes you scream and try to run away from yourself. I was grabbing my thighs and hoping it would stop because it's scary and extremely painful.

I have been on artimisinin for bartonella and plan to increase my dose soon. I take zithromax too, I don't have any side effects from it and have been taking it for over a year. Also, FYI, for the short time that I took cipro (one week) it had no effect on my bartonella symptoms at all, so I don't feel bad about stopping it.

I won't take cipro, levaquin, tequin, or anything in that line of quinolonone type antibiotics anymore. If you find something else that works, let me know.

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