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Re: Update
Jul 26, 2006
Hey Ticker. They llmd doesn't think it's lyme since I'm having mostly neurological symptoms. My joints do not hurt, I'm not really tired, and all of that stuff. My main symptoms are extreme lightheadedness, headaches, neck pain, and some tingling and numbness in my left side. That includes the jaw, neck, side of my face, arm and leg. I have had the thyroid panel done, just last week, and I had my electrolytes, cbc, and lipids checked also. I'm on thyroid meds right now, because my thyroid was out of whack about 1 1/2 years ago. Since then, I've been on 100mg of Synthroid, and now my levels are good. Also, my blood work came back negative on my bands for the western blot, except for a few questionable. Therefore I'm not the typical lyme patient that they normally see. However, if all of the testing and neurologist doesn't pan out, I will return to the meds and be treated for it again. I'm having my bloodwork and ct scan of the chest tomorrow, and my mri of the cspine done Friday. I'll update you on them when I know something. Also, I go to the neuro August 11, and will let you know then what he says. Thanks for the info, and for caring so much about everyone. My family doesn't understand much about my illness, and to be able to talk to someone else who is ill is a blessing in a way. Thank you.

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