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Hi everyone,

Thanks again for the great advice.

Julia is on the Ceftin - 21 days, although it seems like the pharmacy may have given her more :)

I asked Igenex about testing for coinfections, and they said that they usually do that after the lyme testing. Any recommendations for doing it all in one shot?

I will definitely go with Igenex, unfortunately, I may have to go with another doctor to get her blood drawn. Too bad - I finally convinced her pediatrician to go with Igenex but they can't draw blood - strange.

I've ordered the kit and made an appt with Dr. Sharp in Ft. Worth who said they were contracted with Quest but said they can send it to Igenex (I hope that's the case).

Her lymph node is still swollen and bite spot still sensitive and raised. I think she's over-emotional (although it's hard to tell with a nine-year old...).

Thanks again,

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