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Hi all! I have been reading some of the posting these past few days and have been wondering if Lymes could be the possible reason for all the problems I have been having. My mother and some of my friends have told me that its probably just my nerves, I feel like I am just about to lose my mind. I have even so much as had an HIV test, syphilis, ana antibody for lupus, and esr tests done trying to find out what is going on with me all of those tests came back negative.
Here are some of the things I have been experiencing since April:

terrible headaches
insect looking bites on my arm
a brown slightly itchy rash in the crease of my forearm
a red blotch on my left ankle along horrible pain so bad I could barely walk
flu symptoms
an occasional feeling as though there is something caught in my throat to the point it feels like I am choking
horrible joint pain mainly in my fingers, wrist, toes and ankles, occasionally in my hip and upper arm
muscle pain
pain on top of feet and hands
blurry vision
my TMJ creaks everytime I open my mouth
hair loss
sometimes when I walk my right leg seems to not want to make the step, causing me to almost trip and I have gotten a little clumsy
my cheek feels like it is sligtly been pulled back
muscle twitching and some jerking
constipated to the point where I have to take stool softeners
bladder seems to need emptying more than usual
ringing in the ear
memory is short
That is just a few of the things strange things that have been happening to me. I am going to the dr. tomorrow to see whats next on the testing list, but before I go I just wanted to know if it is possible that this could Lyme or what?:confused:

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