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Welcome to the board.

As far as the office calling, it depends on the office and what their policy is on reporting test results, but most offices only call if there is a positive.

Do be aware of certain things, however.

The presence of an erythema migrans, or the "bullseye" rash, indicates Lyme disease. In other words, if you have the em, you have Lyme. The em does not always take on the bullseye form, it can resemble a line or a bruise, it can be small or large, it may or may not swell or itch, there may be multiple rashes, it may be raised, etc. If you have a rash it is strongly recommended that you photograph it, and include something such as a coin or ruler in the picture to indicate the size of the rash. This could be important for later diagnostic purposes.

Over 50% of people with Lyme never get any rash at all. Many do not even recall a tick bite.

There is NO test that can absolutely rule out Lyme disease. People who have Lyme disease can test negative. For this reason the CDC states that Lyme is to be a clinical diagnosis with testing used to help confirm. The most commonly done test, the ELISA (titer) misses up to 60% or more of active infections. The Western Blot, the more accurate test, is not generally used unless someone gets a positive ELISA (go figure out the logic of that!). In a study done for the Lymerix vaccine, which involved thousands of patients with culture-proven Lyme, 30% never developed a positive Western Blot.

Unfortunately, the medical community still has a lot to learn about Lyme and tick borne diseases, and many are still treating with outdated protocols. In addition to Lyme, ticks carry a variety of co-infections including Babesiosis, Bartonella, Erlichiosis (HGE & HME), mycoplasma, just to name a few. Many people with Lyme also have one or more co-infections. It is vital that co-infections be treated. These co-infections do exist in the Virginia area, and I know quite a few people who are infected.

Good luck and I hope all goes well for you.

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